Types of Dental X-Rays

Timely dental x rays can help you spot multiple oral health issues early on. Depending on various factors, people get their x-rays once a year or more frequently. You can go ahead and get your regular dental x ray in Sun City to discover any lurking oral issues.

If you choose to get a dental x-ray, there are different types of x rays performed. Read ahead to find out.

Intraoral X-Ray

In this type of x-ray, the x-ray film is placed inside the mouth. This is the most common type and is extremely detailed to allow your dentist to find any issues. It can help locate any cavities, track the health of developing teeth, bones, and tooth roots.

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Dentists also use it to monitor the health of your jaw and mouth holistically. All of this gives them an idea of your contemporary oral health and what you can do to enhance it.

Extraoral X-Ray

In an extraoral x-ray, the x-ray film is located outside the mouth. Yes, they do show your teeth, but these rays focus more on your skull and jaw. This kind of x-ray is not used to detect cavities and is also not used to define any problems with each tooth.  

They are, hence, not as detailed either. Instead, these x-rays serve to help study jaws and their relation to your teeth. They also help monitor any impacted teeth. With these, your dentist will be able to discover any issues between the jaws and teeth.


You now know the two popular types of x-rays and what each is used for. When you approach your dentist for any oral issues, you can ask him or her about the right x-ray for you and your needs. The right type will let you identify any relevant problems so that you can work towards problem-free teeth.