Turing Your Patio Into An Extra Room

Space in our homes can be great or it can be confining.  Depending on the age of your home, its location and its floorplan, you can have useful space which is used on a daily basis or space that is wasted which really just eats up your electric bill.  One great way to have extra space that is useable and useable all year round is to create patio enclosures in Columbus, GA.

Measure your square footage

The first thing that you should do is see if taking on such a project is viable.  To do this easily, you first want to measure your square footage of your space.  If you have a lot of useable square footage, then it could be a viable project.  However, if your footprint isn’t viable, then you may want to either rebuild or reconsider your project all together.


patio enclosures in Columbus, GA

For a useful, enclosed patio, the next feature that you will want to look at is the windows.  The windows will be what makes your enclosure viable and usable year-round.  Just putting on a roof and a few doors is a good start; however, the windows will be what makes the room.

When looking at the windows you want to have windows that you can open as well as have a screened enclosure.  If you plan on using the space all year round, having windows that are airtight will help ensure that you can use it during the hot weather as well as cool weather.


The next area will be lighting.  If you plan to be out there at night, what about having a light or a few lights.  Lighting can help with security as well as make the entire room safe to navigate.  Depending on your space you may need one or two lights just to give it just enough light to see what you are doing.